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Uzo Aduba Adjusts Her Mood With Playlists and ‘The Real Housewives’

4. The New York Times Basic Pesto recipe This was not a New York Times plug. [Laughs] I legit have the screenshot on my phone, and it is a legit household favorite. The only thing that I add to it is a meat because it doesn’t call for any meat in your recipe. So I’ll either add grilled chicken that I’ll cook on the stovetop or a grilled turkey sausage or a vegan sausage. Take your recipe and add meat.

5. Music to get into character When I settled into my dressing room, three of the things I made sure to immediately do was get a Bluetooth speaker, a teakettle and incense and candles. I really love ’80s and ’90s soft rock. There’s this app called Radio.com. I have it tuned to 94.7 The Wave, which is a station in Los Angeles that plays a steady stream of Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder and Bonnie Raitt. I love it, along with like a Wilson Phillips “Hold On.” Sade is in there. Adele. I just find it to be super calming, chill, and it feels good. I have a playlist for “Clyde’s.” I’m pulling it up right now. The first song is “Hood Bitch” by Fam0us.Twinsss. N.W.A.’s “[Expletive] the Police.” “Really From da Hood” by Plies. “Respectfully” by Big Jade. “Go Bestfriend” by Shyfromdatre. [Laughs] Yeah, these are very intense songs.

6. Timehop You get Timehop, the app, then you allow it to have access to your photos. So then every day, if you have a picture that you took that day three years ago, two years ago, whatever, it’ll remind you. It’s just adorable. It’s a fun little app that you keep swiping from right to left.

7. Robes Love a robe. I am wearing a robe right now. It is comfortable. It is relaxing. I can stay in one all day if I have nowhere to be and I’m just resting. When I go to a hotel room it’s right into that robe. I’m looking at a photo in my dressing room right now of my cousin, my sister and I, and I think we are either on the Serengeti or Kenya, all three of us in a robe.

8. Continuing education I certainly treat it as a responsibility to make sure that I’m up to speed on how other people are experiencing the world, if it’s different from myself. Last year there was a documentary about the disabled called “Crip Camp,” and I remember it being really impactful. It’s important to see the focus of a spotlight put on communities that are often marginalized and seeing, OK, that is a very real thing. What I’m trying to get to is, what can I do in my world to make other people’s lives in whatever way I can equal to my own?

9. Clean, white Converse All Stars It’s a nice, simple sneaker that lets you look polished through the day. You can run around in it. But if you need to go out for a quick dinner or if you find yourself wanting to go to a show, you can be dressed up and comfortable.

10. Apple Watch Changed my life. Never have I felt more pressure to get my steps in. Never have I been more aware of timeliness. It also has reminders that have been great. Take breathing. Sometimes it will vibrate and be like, “You should take a breath,” and it will be one minute of just slowing down and breathing. And I love that message. It’s so necessary, like a welcomed pause. At first, I was like, “Dismiss, dismiss, dismiss.” And then it was like, “Uzo, if you do not have one minute in this 24 hours to take a minute to yourself, what are we really saying then?”

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